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The Spell Bearers

Diriye Osman

Beloved reader,

This project of mine — which is to build a digital storytelling multiverse, rooted in memory-keeping, with hearty dollops of the domestic and the dramático — is simply how my mind computes modern (un)reality.

I see the earth and its inhabitants not as wrecks in need of rehabilitation, but as entire universes capable of alchemical transformation and self-reconfiguration.

How else do you think we have managed to come this far, darling reader, if we weren't comprised of all the cognitive magnitude and depth and intricacy of spell-bearers, each with our own specific powers, our own particular scent and taste and emotional tapestries?

None of us are as damaged as we think we are. To choose damage and strident fragility as your freedom song is an act of self-negation. We all do it from time to time, but self-negation is self-imprisonment, and I say this from experience. To be alive is to dazzle.

When you become anxious or hurt or bored or broken down, get some fresh air. Go for a ten minute walk. Breathe like it's your last breath. Move. Keep breathing in deep. Have a good cry if you need to.

Keep breathing/ keep breathing/ keep breathing.

And begin again.

I adore you, darling reader, and I thank you for being the source and the sound of my freedom song.



Song of the moment: 'Miss Shiney' by KAIIT.


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