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Self-Forgiveness In A Time Of Self-Recrimination

 Diriye Osman

Beloved reader,

None of us are deities who, blinded, with clipped wings and in a daze, are destined to roam the globe like the wretched of the earth. We're human beings, which is to say that we're a complex set of questions and answers.

One of those questions can be condensed like so: is it possible to be a messy, mentally confused individual whose sanity has been slashed to ribbons, and still be capable of gentleness, love, and self-forgiveness?

There is no magic pill that will miraculously eradicate all your needs or your hunger, but you can touch the void within you, and fill that emptiness with all the goodness this world has to offer.

In other words, you can exteriorize your truest essence, which is to say, you can build yourself.

Cynicism is the hardened fool's rationale for behaving with callousness. Cynicism is the opposite of wonderment. To resist cynicism, to resist the calcification of one's inherent interior suppleness, requires courage and self-forgiveness.

This might sound like marax vibrations, but I know of what I speak.

Self-forgiveness simply means that you've granted yourself grace. You will fuck up again and again, but keep facing your foibles with dignity and self-directed empathy.

After all, self-forgiveness and self-value are intertwined like the tendrils of vines on a trellis.

I wish you peace, beloved reader, and the clarity of vision to discern what can stay, and everything that must go.

With love,



Song to get you right: 'I've Got To Use My Imagination' by GLADYS KNIGHT and THE PIPS.


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