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I See My Harvest

Diriye Osman

Beloved reader,

A dear friend and I were chopping it up recently about being alive to the moment. We talked about digital sanctuaries, loveship, carnal contentment, and how we continue to nurture not only our own emotional and cognitive wealth, but find ways to share that knowledge and wisdom with folx who might be in more vulnerable positions than we are.

This project, which is to say, this life, is one that I treasure more and more with each trickle of the sand through the hourglass. It is a gift, not a given.

The minutiae is what makes life taste better, darling reader. Drinking plenty of water, taking a nap if you're tired, getting as much fresh air and good food as possible, moving like your existence matters.

The art of living well is a constantly evolving negotiation with one's psyche and sense of self. This distillation process is accomplished piecemeal simply because, per Lauryn Hill, anything that's not growing is dead.

Curiosity and passion and hunger is not only what keeps us alive, it's what deepens our interior ecosystem, shaping it with rich contours, terraced fields that heighten the harvest of our collective imagination.

I reap my harvest every day, darling reader. I reap my harvest after decades of tilling the seemingly untenable soil of who I was, only to have found myself flowering, and flowering in the dark. I see my harvest in you and your appreciation of this offering, beloved reader.

I see my harvest and I say Alhamdulilah.

To be alive to the moment is the victory. Let us continue to claim this resplendence.

With love,



Song of the moment: 'Harvest Moon' by CASSANDRA WILSON.


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