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How To Dance Underwater

Diriye Osman

Beloved reader,

The last two years have been a fever dream of sweat and ambient stress, and like the memory keeper that I am, I've been documenting these seasons of distress from a tilted angle.

I have looked into the distorted lens of everything/ everything/ everything and miraculously have emerged with my sanity and sense of optimism renewed and heart-shaped like the bloom of an anthuriam.

I love like love is a precious, archaic language I'm trying to preserve by speaking my heart to as many people as I can hold.

In the mornings, I dance and dance until I feel like I've gulped down all the glory this uncanny dimension has to offer. Why stop dancing if it tastes this Diablo Del Mar-delicious?

I write this down because the days are short and the darkness is deep-deep-deep. I write this down because I want to savour this moment as dvsn sing pure sensi and sex on my radio.

I write this down to remember how holy surrender feels.

I write this down, like the memory keeper that I am, in order to remember why I'm here; to remember to capture the way the sunlight turns puddle water prismatic; to remember the scent of lemon grass in a former lover's hair; to remember/ to remember/ to remember.

I write all of this down to remember you, beloved reader.

With love,


Song of the moment: 'Speak Your Heart' by LIZZ WRIGHT.


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