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Foraging For Peace In The Fire

Diriye Osman

Beautiful reader,

I've been foraging for peace in the fire, and finding molecules of sanity within the flames.

I don't know if you feel this too, darling reader; the endless subliminal messaging to conform to a standard that doesn't exist. As Lauryn Hill helpfully pointed out, we are our own standard.

I look around me and I see revenants. We have all survived several wars that have claimed many of our loved ones, and claiming many more still as I write this sentence.

This is not an invitation to despair; it is a modest reminder to all of us to not get derailed by the heavy-duty heartache playing out like a psychodrama-on-steroids in every public and private sphere on this planet.

These are small mental notes — anchorings — that have helped me feel homed in my head and body;

1) Drink as much water as possible.

2) Don't deny yourself rest.

3) Rinse and repeat.

I hope you feel seen and loved in this lifetime. I hope the universe opens itself up to you and bestows you with more beauty than you can handle. I hope you learn to relish the fact that you are alive and cognizant at this exact moment.

With love,


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Song of the moment: 'God Body' by LUCKY DAYE (feat. SMINO).


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