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Devouring The Dragon

Diriye Osman

Beloved reader,

As I write this, I think of all my loved ones and community members who are struggling with turbocharged anxiety and fear.

I think of those of us who have pulled back from the world in an attempt to devour the dragons roaming freely in our imaginations.

I think of those of us who are trying desperately to survive decades of solitude.

Beloved reader, I think of you.

Did you know that all of this — this worldbuilding, this spirit-work — was designed for you?

Did you know that when everything/ everything/ everything feels like it's on fire, I think of you, darling reader?

May you realise in the now-now time signature, as Mos Def would say, that you embody divine sublimity. May you keep singing your canticle in this curious-curious lifetime and the next. May you know that you are the source of this song.

With love,


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Song of the moment: 'Closer' by FLOETRY.


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