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Defined Beings

Beloved reader,

Sometimes I morph into the frightened child I used to be, afraid of voicing my opinions, afraid of expressing self-doubt, essentially feeling like I'm falling short of being a fully-defined human being.

To be a fully-defined human being, which is to say a self-actualising individual, you have to bring your mess, your worries, your dreams, your wildest passions to the table.

But whether it is at school or in the workplace or even in our most intimate relationships, your entire self might not always be welcome. You may be found wanting or less than, which leaves a powerful psychic imprint - one that gradually mutates into a shadow self that alternately haunts and hurts.

If the fullness of your humanity is not welcome in your own home or amongst your loved ones, how could it not do serious damage to your sense of self?

Because I know what it's like to feel excluded and tormented, I'll forever be open to hearing about other people's experiences — no matter how startling or strange or sorrowful. I'll forever be open to hearing about your heartache or your happiness without judgement. And if I can offer advice or support, I'll always endeavour to do so.

My email address is

Feel free to hit me up whenever you fancy, beloved reader.

With love,



Song of the moment: 'Necessary' by AHJAH WALLS.


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