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A Moon Falling From My Mouth

Diriye Osman

Beloved reader,

There are microscopic gems I hold dear to me, illuminative perimeters that make otherwise treacherous terrain dazzle like a Miyazaki dreamscape; a transmutation in which, to paraphrase Ntozake Shange, the craftsman becomes a consort to the spirits.

You will get a million and three chances to muck up in this miraculous lifetime; a million and three chances to wake up each morning to hum your hymn anew: a million and three chances to make amends, find kinship, and live rapturously like it's your last day earthside.

Keep going, beloved reader, until your feet are sore and your heart is full. Keep fortifying your faith in the goodness of others because we're all we've got. Keep being your wonky, wonderful self regardless of the fear and friction induced by prophets of doom. Keep loving and loving until the moon is falling from your mouth, until the earth has reclaimed you and your molecules have dispersed and mutated into nothing but fresh air.

I love you, beloved reader. I love you and I believe in you; I love you and I like you.



Song Of The Moment: 'Moonlight' by PYJÆN (feat. ELISA IMPERILEE).


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