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Diriye Osman

Get Hip To These Vibes 

Hey beautiful ones,


This website is soulwork for me and I hope it nourishes you in some way. 


I send out an affirming newsletter every Saturday morning (nothing fancy), and if you would like to be included on my mailing list, do sign up below.  Everyone is welcome to this particular cookout, so come on through and kick it with us.


I hope you have found your joy and purpose. I hope you have found peace and comfort and solidarity.


I send nothing but love and sunny energy.



Asante for rocking with us!


Diriye Osman is a British-Somali author, visual artist, critic and essayist based in London. He's the author of Fairytales For Lost Children and The Butterfly Jungle. His work has appeared in The Guardian, Granta, The Financial TimesThe Huffington Post, Vice, Poetry Review, Prospect, Time Out, Attitude and AfropunkHe lives on a diet of Disney cartoons, graphic novels, masala chai and Missy Elliott records.


*Note to curators, event organisers and journalists; Diriye Osman is not available for events, interviews or public appearances.
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