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Diriye Osman

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If you're interested in more of Diriye's output, you can purchase his critically-acclaimed, award-winning books via the following outlets:


This gorgeously produced. queer Afrofuturistic collection of interlinked stories, which was written and designed mostly on Diriye's mobile phone, can be purchased in these territories:

UK / USA / Canada / France / Germany / Spain / The Netherlands / India / Japan / Mexico / Brazil 



Diriye's award-winning debut collection of short stories about the lives of queer Somalis, which is fused with hand drawn illustrations and poeticism, can be purchased in these territories:


UK / USA / Canada / France / Germany / Spain / The Netherlands / India / Japan / Mexico / Brazil


Diriye Osman is a British-Somali short story writer, visual artist, essayist and critic. He is the first writer of colour to win the Polari First Book Prize for his collection of stories, Fairytales for Lost Children, and was named one of the most influential LGBTQ people in the UK by The Independent on Sunday. His acclaimed collection of interlinked stories, The Butterfly Jungle, was written and designed almost entirely on his phone. Dubbed 'a master of the surreal', Osman's work is studied extensively across the world and has been featured in The GuardianThe Financial TimesThe Huffington Post, Vice, Poetry Review, Prospect, Time Out, AttitudeAfropunk, and many other publications.


For all queries, including interview requests, foreign rights and review copies, please contact John Gordon at

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