The Spanish translation of Diriye Osman's award-winning debut is here. Peep this gorgeousness.

Ain't nothing going on but struggle. In this essay, Diriye Osman makes a case for resilience in the face of hardship.

Boredom is essential to creativity, argues Diriye Osman in this finer-than-a-feather essay. Grab a cup of chai and chill with us.

Diriye Osman reflects on why telling queer Somali stories with an intersectional edge is his primary goal as a writer and artist.

Diriye Osman celebrates the rich interconnection between his faith, sexual identity and cultural heritage in this ice-cool essay.

Diriye Osman breaks down the inspiration behind the title story of his collection, 'Fairytales For Lost Children' in this incisive essay.

Self-preservation is the name of the game in an increasingly hostile world. Diriye Osman shares his story of how he got over.

In this moving essay, Diriye Osman explores the impact of dislocation in all it's sticky-ickiness. Get stuck in.

Diriye Osman delves into his appreciation for androgyny, particularly in relation to his latest literary adventure.

In this essay about vulnerability and interconnectedness in the digital age, Diriye Osman explores the desire for solitude and introspection.

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