Diriye Osman's 'Fairytales For Lost Children' won the Polari First Book Prize and was critically heralded. Peep this hype ting.

A transvestite Somali bank clerk moonlights as a torch singer and reminds his younger self that every struggle along the way was worth it.

A schizophrenic lesbian Somali photographer decides to gatecrash her estranged sister's wedding in the hopes of reconciliation.

A trans Somali nurse working in a mental hospital manipulates the system in order to survive.

A dying Somali woman sends a small parting gift to her estranged transgender daughter.

A gay Somali teen falls in lust with the domestic worker his religious grandmother has hired...only for things to quickly fall apart.

Two gay African men re-enact their doomed relationship in the form of a dance recital laced with heartache.

In a landscape spiked with superstition and sexism, one Somali woman and her young niece fight to claim ownership of their bodies.

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